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KHD Jewelry Blog

  • Are You Naked or Are You Rocking Statement Earrings?

    In your jewelry wardrobe, what is the one thing you never leave home without? For me, it is a great pair of earrings. I always feel naked if my ears aren’t dressed, so if I put nothing else on, I wear earrings (and well, clothes of course).

    I love creating earrings as I think they are always the perfect finishing touch to a great outfit. Lately I have been in love with unique handmade gemstone earrings...

  • What I Wish I Knew 10 Years Ago When Starting a Jewelry Business

    Ten years ago, I made the decision to leave my job in higher education to start a jewelry business full time. It was a huge life change; it was exciting, scary and full of unknowns. I was still building skills and trying to figure out my voice as an artist.  I wanted to do something that brought me joy, and I loved creating beauty in others’ lives, bringing smiles to faces and special memories to my clients and those they love. 
  • For The Love of All Things Nature Inspired--My Garden Jewelry Collection

    We humans are drawn to nature. The movement of the branches in the wind, the smell of rain as the thunderstorm rolls in, and the vibrant floral bouquets that fill our yard or garden in the summer time bring us joy. This has always been true for me, so it was only natural to create a nature-inspired jewelry collection.
  • What Customers Are Saying About Their Karla Hackman Designs Jewelry

    Customer feedback, testimonials, and pictures inspire me to create new silver and gold jewelry designs and also help others who are considering a new jewelry purchase from Karla Hackman Designs. Read what others are saying...
  • My Creative Process for Making Jewelry and the Pantser Method

    My favorite part of my creative process is when I play in the studio. I have no agenda. I just let myself mess with the various forms and geometric shapes I have already created and something magical starts to take shape. In these moments, I call myself a pantser..
  • Care and Cleaning of Your Handmade Jewelry

    If you own handmade jewelry then you know that sometimes just like us, jewelry needs a little love and care to maintain its beauty. Proper care means showing a little regular, love whether you are using a simple polishing cloth or doing a deeper cleaning of your handmade, Karla Hackman Design pieces.

    Hi, It’s Karla and today, I want to share a few tips with you about how to maintain your beloved pieces for long-lasting life and beauty.

  • Identifying Your Ring Size

    Having the right ring size is key to getting a comfortable ring that fits properly, so you can enjoy your ring and wear it regularly.