Identifying Your Ring Size

Finding the right ring size can sometimes be tricky! Lots of things can affect our finger size on any given day: heat, humidity, activity level, food we if you just downed a margarita and ate a bowl of chips and salsa, you can bet your ring size might be off. Visit with me at a show in Santa Fe, and you may have created a trifecta of ring sizing challenges: food, heat, and altitude, especially if you are traveling. 

However, knowing the right size for the finger you are trying to fit is essential to getting a comfortable ring that you will want to wear regularly and for years to come.

Important items to consider when sizing 

A couple items to note, prior to finding your size:

  • a wider ring band will create a tighter fit (over 3/8” W generally requires going up a 1/4-1/2 ring size)
  • make sure you have identified and will measure the finger you wish to fit
  • your dominant hand will always have larger fingers than your non-dominant hand, so don’t assume your fingers will be the same on both hands. Most people are at least ½ size bigger, sometimes more on the dominant hand.

Where to get sized

Don’t know your ring size? Going to a jeweler to be fit properly is always the best way to determine your size. Another option: contact me for a ring sizer using the Contact Us section of the website and make sure to enter your mailing address prior to sending the message. I am happy to ship one to you for free to ensure you have a proper fit. Please allow 7-10 days for delivery of sizer.  

Giving a gift or interested in ordering now? Use the attached ring sizing guide courtesy of my friend, Deborah Klezmer Designs. Ring Sizing Guide Make sure to follow all the instructions including sizing the document to 100% prior to measuring the ring you are trying to match.

If you are finding my tips helpful, watch for my next blog post on caring for your pearls and gemstones.


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