My Creative Process for Making Jewelry and the Pantser Method

Visions of Finished Jewelry Pieces

The jewelry I make is built like sculpture, but  how I breathe life into the various pieces and forms is always a little different. Sometimes I have a vision of a finished piece. It happens when I am falling asleep in those moment right before I slip off into dreamland. Then, hopefully I remember upon waking what I saw and have the presence of mind to jot down the idea or vision before it escapes.

My Creative Process

Sometimes, these creative visions turn into awesome new pieces, sometimes they don't quite work-the physics of the piece isn't quite right or the balance is off, but I trust it is all part of my larger creative process for creating my jewelry designs.

Other times, I play in the studio. I have no agenda. I just let myself mess with the various forms and geometric shapes I have already created and something magical starts to take shape. In these moments, I call myself a pantser. I am flying by the seat of my pants and the video below.

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