Build Your Signature Style with a Capsule Jewelry Collection

Having a capsule jewelry collection doesn’t mean that you only own 5-8 pieces of jewelry. On the contrary, a capsule is a great jumping off point to building a cohesive jewelry look. Think of this as your own personal brand. This is the look that says YOU. It helps define your signature style.


In a capsule collection, I would generally include three pair of earrings that will match your style and wardrobe.

1) A great pair of hoop earrings: these could be beautiful classic, gold hoops, like the 18K Gold Square Hoops pictured below, or they could be a pair of hoops that reflect your personal style: a statement hoop. Think bold silver hoops or mixed metal hoops. This is the fall back earring for any outfit. It always works and it always makes you look put together. These are earrings that go from day to night or fit in with your everyday style.

square gold hoops

2) a classic pair of stud earrings: this might be a pair of pearl studs, gold studs, or silver studs with gemstones. This is the go anywhere earring. This is also a timeless staple to have in your wardrobe. These earrings will be classically appropriate now or 30 years from now. Pictured below: Lilting Square Studs.

sterling silver square studs with garnets

3) a STATEMENT pair of earrings: this is a pair of earrings that embodies your personal style. Perhaps, you love gemstones and they highlight your love of unique gems, featuring your favorite colors, or maybe you have an eclectic style, and for you statement silver earrings are where it is at. These earrings are the earrings everyone notices as you. For example, I am a triangle girl, so for me, a triangle shaped earring or an earring with triangles would be my statement earrings in a capsule collection. Pictured: Geo Chandelier Earrings and Rutilated Triangle Earrings

geo chandelier with silver cubes and 18K gold circlestriangle earrings with rutilated quartz and garnets

Bracelets and Rings

4) a STATEMENT cuff: a bold piece that stands out on your wrist while also being unique. This piece can be worn alone with no other jewelry, with just simple studs, or it can be layered up and stacked with other bracelets. Again, it's a signature piece that defines your look. What to do if you are not a cuff gal? Not to worry- a great substitute would be a unique stack of bangles. Perhaps, you love collecting a bangle on every trip or at every art show. Then, creating a curated stack is your statement. The point is to create something that fits your lifestyle and that you enjoy, so stack it up if that is more your look. Pictured: Wave Statement Cuff (with pink sapphires in sterling silver and 24K gold).

Wave Statement Cuff with pink sapphires, oxidized sterling silver, and 24K gold

5) a cocktail ring: a special ring, separate from your wedding ring, is what we are talking about here. This is a ring that you LOVE. It may be a vintage ring that belonged to your mom or grandmother. It may be a signet ring that complements your wedding ring, or it may be a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind ring with a special stone or stones. When you wear it, it makes you smile. Frankly, that is the point, right?

Pictured below: Emerald Branch Ring. 

emerald cabochon in 18K gold with multi-apple branch ring shank.

 Necklaces and Pendants

6) a delicate or chunky chain for layering: this piece is always so individualized. If you like a more streamlined or tailored look, you might opt for a delicately woven silver or gold chain. This can be worn alone or with a diamond solitaire. If you have a bolder style, you might jump on board the current trend with the paperclip chain in gold or perhaps the more industrial or biker look with a chunky silver chain. A chain gives you a polished look at the neck without having to go crazy with a bunch of necklaces, BUT your chain can also be worn with your other neck pieces. That is the beauty of having a great chain in your arsenal. (I am excited to begin working on a few unique chains this winter. This has been top of my list for a long while, and I finally feel I have the time to add it to my collections).

7) a pendant piece: this is a piece that you can wear with everything, it can be layered, or it can be worn alone. It may have a stone or several stones, or it may be all silver, all gold, or a mix of the two. This piece coordinates seamlessly with your style. It is comfortable on the body. Pictured: Floating Circle Pendant with Aquamarine.

floating circle pendant in aquamarine around a woman't neck

8) a beautiful strand of beads or pearls OR a statement necklace: This is the final accent to a capsule. It may be a gorgeous strand of pearls (freshwater or south seas). It may be a strand of colorful agates or your favorite strand of amethyst, garnets, or delicate diamonds. It may be a medley of stones woven together in a stylish manner to create an awesome one-of-a-kind statement necklace or a mix of metal and stones. Again, this is a piece that is uniquely you. As many of you know, my strand is a strand of pastel Tahitian pearls. I love them, and they always make me feel polished. Plus, they make me happy every time I put them on. Pictured below: Pandemonium Triangle Necklace owned by one of my beautiful clients, Lindsay.

Pandemonium Triangle Necklace on Client's Neck

What I have shared is a core capsule, and it is a start to anyone’s jewelry collection. By no means am I suggesting that is all you need (insert fright screams here) as I am a jewelry designer and metalsmith after all. I am simply suggesting that a great jewelry collection has at its base these central items. Now, if you are like me and you happen to love earrings or rings, you may be ready to add some new earrings or rings to your collection. That is okay, too, wink, wink.

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