What Customers Are Saying About Their Karla Hackman Designs Jewelry

What people are saying…

One of the best things is hearing from all of you about how you are enjoying your jewelry. Whether you say it in pictures, like this new collector from OKC, or you drop me a quick message or email. 

standing pearl ring on hand

Pictured: Standing pearl ring at left 

Knowing you are wearing and loving your Karla Hackman Designs jewelry inspires me to create new and wonderful pieces so you and others can add to your collections.
Customer testimonials about Karla Hackman Designs JewelryI look forward to hearing from you, too!  Don't be shy. Please let me know how your new piece is working for you--send me a message, an email, or review a recently purchased piece on the website, AND show me how you are styling it.  This is always helpful for me and for others to see as it helps my small business grow and helps me build brand recognition!


I hope you are having a great summer! Karla



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