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About the Brand

Karla Hackman Designs creates contemporary, mixed metal  jewelry for people who embrace their style and confidence.

Honoring your soft side and strong side at once, our jewelry is both organic and daring, elegant yet distinct. Our jewelry speaks to the whole person.

Textured, mixed-metal designs that are deeply personal connect with your spirit while allowing you to stand out in the crowd.

Our jewelry tells the story of our place in the world from quiet deserts and rolling seas to striking architectural forms. Each piece tells a distinct story of the beauty that graces our daily lives or the human ingenuity that moves us. Karla Hackman Designs creates jewelry that breathes life into each of these stories.

Our jewelry connects to the natural world of plants and animals, sunsets and rainstorms, and to sculptural forms that pay homage to feats of bold art and design.

Karla sees the world through two lenses, never content to be an either or person. Therefore, our work honors the complexity and confidence of those who wear it, so go on and embrace all sides of your one-of-a-kind beauty.

About Karla

Karla has been making jewelry as a full-time artist since 2013. Her current work integrates traditional fabrication techniques like piercing, cutting, sinking, and chasing with wax-carved and cast elements, and occasionally cast organics, to create her jewelry.

She works in sterling and fine silver and 14-24 karat gold and she hand-selects unique gemstones to complement her work and weave the tale of her designs, which are finished with organic textures and patina to highlight their beauty.

Karla is a storyteller, a listener, an artist, and an alchemist. From her studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico, she breathes life into untold, sculptural stories for you to wear into the world.

Interested in hearing more? Watch the video above to learn more about her jewelry making journey. 


  Karla Hackman Designs available at:

Gaia Contemporary, 225 Canyon, Rd.,  Santa Fe, NM

  Thunderbird Artists Gallery, Easy Street,  Carefree, AZ

You can also visit her at an upcoming